How It Works

1. Sign Up

Choose the perfect plan for your business

2. Customised Design

Our team of designers create 2 customised digital loyalty cards with your logo and branding. Having 2 different cards means you can have 2 separate offers, one for new customers and one for existing customers for example

3. Share With Customers

Now simply share the unique link or QR code that we provide you with your customers. Your Loyalty card app can be downloaded via Apple Wallet or Passbook on Android

4. Stamp

Now your customers have your loyalty cards, you can stamp them and reward them using our Stamp App. Using an iPad/tablet at reception, or a smart phone on the go, simply scan their loyalty card using the app.

5. Returning Customers

Loyalty cards are proven to increase returning customers by more than 25% and increase average customer spend by more than 50% meaning more revenue for your business

6. Messaging

If you've upgraded to Plus or Pro you can market directly to your customer's phones using Push Messages.

App Features

Custom Design

We custom design each loyalty card app with your logo and branding so it looks and feels like your own app

Push Messaging

Send every customer a promotional message whenever you like.

Location Reminders

Your customers are reminded about your loyalty card whenever they enter your shop or premises

Stats & Data

Gather information to further market to your customers and increase sales

Local Loyalty Mobile App


Add your own terms & conditions so that a customer cannot claim multiple offers or exclude certain days

Unlimited CArds

Regardless of the amount of customers you have you will never run out of loyalty cards

Website Link

Your app can link direct to your website or specific page on your website

Secure Stamping

All of our apps are anti-fraud enabled so you can securely scan cards quickly using our stamp app

The Marketing System

Share with Your Customers

Once you are happy with your loyalty card design, start sharing your link which we generate for you, or a QR code (great for in store adverts!) to your customers. The customer goes to the link, or scans the QR code using the camera phone, and they are instantly issued the loyalty card straight to their phone wallet!

Promotional Messages

Now your customer has your loyalty card you can start your promotional message campaign. Each campaign has 2 objectives, The 1st is to get the customer to return as often as possible and the 2nd is to generate new customer referrals. We work with you to make sure we maximise the effectiveness of each campaign. This is the finely tuned engine that powers additional sales


As your loyalty card customer base grows you can target specific customers by segments such as name, email, date last visited or how many stamps they have. This type of targeted messaging triggers responses and dramatically increases the likelihood of the customer returning sooner and referring new business

Appointment Reminders

With our pro package you can send your customer an appointment reminder message at anytime before their appointment is due. This drastically reduces missed appointments and increases profits

Card Stats

Access your card stat reports to find out how many active cards you have, the amount of new cards issued, how many returning customers you had and how many rewards have been redeemed.


Choose the perfect plan for your business. All plans come with a 30 day free trial. 



Per month




Per month




Per month



No we dont charge any setup fees! We want to prove our marketing system works and puts money in your pocket before you pay us anything. 

With our Plus & Pro Subscriptions Yes. Simply login to your account and you can send an instant message at any time. 

You can send messages to specific customers, examples are name, email address, last time visited or how many stamps they currently have. 

With our pro package you can send your clients an appointment reminder at anytime before it is due. This dramatically reduces no shows.

The only requirement is ipad/tablet or smart phone with our stamp app installed.  We provide all point of sale & promotional material so that your customer can download the app safely & quickly. 

Yes. The App is downloaded via the passes app and is available on the App Store & Google Play.

The most popular option is to offer a free reward after either 8 or 10 visits. However what you want to offer is completely down to you. We can discuss with you several different option so that you can formulate an irresistible reward. 

The reward you offer is essentially the incentive to your customer to download your loyalty app and to keep returning so they can redeem that reward offered. Promotional messages on the other hand are additional special offers designed to incentivise repeat business. Examples are “buy 2 mains get a sweet free” or “get 20% off after spending £100”. These promotions have an expiry of usually less than 2 weeks. 

We will create a similar looking digital stamp card with the same offer. Then when customers show up with the cards, just give them the same number of stamps, and dispose of the old paper card.

After sign up it takes approximately 7-10 working days to get your card designed and your point of sale sent out. 

Your customer data list belongs to you. With our pro package download your customer data via a CSV file at any time. No data is ever fed into any other third party systems.

We take Data compliance extremely seriously. We only use the most secure cloud based database servers that are held in the UK. Our servers are replicated in several locations, and are firewall protected. 


In the first month we saw an increase in sales and a 20% decrease in missed appointments.
Jenny Law
Hair By Jenny
I love that when I have a quiet day I can send out a promotional message and almost immediately get new bookings. .
Sarah Barrow
Nail Technician
I manged to fill all of my calendar slots for my personal trainer business for the first time in over 2 years!
Martin Denby
Personal Trainer
"My business did not have any way of contacting my existing customers, having our loyalty app has transformed my marketing"
Pablo Truro


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